GM to your NFT skills and career

Curated Resources to help you upskill yourself, get a job in the NFT space, freelance or just trade better 

Curated Resources to get you upskilled in the NFT world.

We have collected and curated resources for all that want to build their knowledge in the NFT space and possibly start a career. 

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NFT Basics

Resources for Developers

Resources for Community Builders and Marketers

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Hundreds of innovative projects hiring

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Why Career in NFTs?

Growing Niche

As freelancers and employees, we hear the advice to niche-down. Well, what better than the emerging fast growing NFT niche.

Remote Friendly

The Metaverse and NFTs do not care about physical location. Many positions are remote and just time-zone bound.

Web3 Futureproof

Tired of NFTs? You could easily pivot into other web3 areas like DeFi

What's Inside?

Curated information to become a real 'Degen'

NFT Basics

Essence of NFTs, what should you know and basic terminology to make you competent when speaking to other 'degens'.


Where developers could find free courses, tools ,materials, boilerplates, repositories to follow.

Community Management

The hotest new job in Web3 and NFT's! Materials on how to build and engage communities. Discord tutorials and people to follow for advice.

Find Jobs and Opportunities

Where to look for jobs and freelance opportunities.

Feeling confident or an expert?

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